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Full Metal Power

Orionweg 55 , 8938 AG Leeuwarden


Full Metal Power is supplying the holy grail of metal to metal power sections to the industry. Full Metal Power Sections are build with the latest in house developed proprietary technology to machine stators and rotors extremely accurate. The stators and rotors are combined to the holy grail metal to metal power sections to perform under harsh conditions for e.g. geothermal industry.

This extremely accurate machining technology makes the long expected Metal to Metal power section feasible as the accurate machining of the stator has always been the missing link!

Full-Metal-Power has now available Power Section for your metal to metal motor application, pump application or agitators in the sizes of 2-7/8" and 5".

New dimensions will be designed and manufactured depending the demand in the market. Feel free to share your demand or interest in
# 1-11/16"
# 2-1/8"
# 3-1/8"
# 4-3/4"
# 6-3/4"
# 9-5/8"
# 11-3/4"
# any additional other sizes

Contact us for RFQ, interest and or information by:
+31 6 22 37 97 50
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